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Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training

Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training

Please join Kate Mulheron and her Formal Teacher of the Native Ways, Miss Trudy Welty for a 6-month Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training Journey. 

Influenced by the South West Native Tradition, it is believed that Healing is synonymous with Balance, and Balance is cultivated through building a relationship of alignment and cohesiveness between one's Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. 

This Teacher Training will guide you in your process of living and teaching from this place of a strengthened alignment of your balanced healing ways. 

The focus of the Teacher Training will be two fold. First you will delve deeper into your own personal process and healing. You will cultivate a deeper relationship with all parts of your being and build an understanding of how they relate to one another. In peeling back the layers of your own journey you will connect to the sensitivity of your own sensory system, you will identify and cultivate your gifts and talents in this world, and you will learn a more peaceful and loving way of being and relating. This process will unfold through the connection you make with your deeper self in your Yoga Practice, and in pursuing a more profound connection with the Natural World through experiential exploration. You will also learn Tools and Practices that will help bring you back into Balance and an embodied alignment at your core root level, including energetic grounding, clearing, and shielding techniques to support you on your teaching journey. 

The second focus and unraveling of your layers through this time together, involves stepping into your power and harnessing your authentic voice in teaching and guiding others. In working through your alignment and from the wisdom of your rooted personal process you will strengthen the connection to your voice of truth. What have you learned from who you are, what are your sacred gifts are and how you can rise through these new awakenings through your healing and as teacher? This connection, and the ability to express your truth in power and sincerity, is the single most important tool in teaching and truly living a life of heart based empowerment of ones self and evolvement. 

You will also learn all the necessary practical skills to teach from the Earth Ways and support students in your yoga classes. This training is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) through Yoga Alliance, which is recognized throughout the country and will allow you to teach in most studios upon graduation. There are also options to attain Continuing Education Hours through this training if you’re in the field of Psychotherapy.  


*A Deeper Relationship with Mother Earth and her Kingdoms, Through Your Yoga Practice and the ability to bring the resources of Mother Nature, into your yoga classes with integrity and a knowingness of being in relationship with Her. 
*The ability to be in Relationship with Universal Circle through its teachings of balance, equality and allignment. 
*A strengthing in your Alignment and Balance to your lifeforce and path so you can stand more steadily in your “self” as a Teacher and Healer
*A Connection with your Intrinsic Voice and the importance of understand and emodying your root voice. 
*An Understanding of Meridian Lines, your Internal Organ System and how it functions through a yoga practice as a whole within the Body and its systems.  
*Experience offering Effective Hands on Adjustments. 
*A variety of Native Healing Practices, and to learn the history of its roots in the healing ways , that will be passed on to you for your own healing and to help others benefit as well. 
*An understanding of your Body, on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Level and how to work with others in an ethical,and balanced way for both you and student(s). 
*The Necessary Skills to Build, Teach and Support your Students in your Yoga Class, after classroom time, and how to clear all energies so you both are left in a balnced way. 
*The Ability to Build, Resource and Sustain your Healing Private Practice (i.e. Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage) 

Specific Details:
This is a 6 month training consisting of:

-- 3 One-Week Intensives (Friday Afternoon-Sat Afternoon)

Intensive #1: February 17-25, 2017
Intensive #2: April 28-May 6, 2017
Intensive #3: July 21-29, 2017

-- 3 Two-Day Weekend Workshops, 9am-5pm
Workshop #1: April 1-2, 2017
Workshop #2: June 3-4, 2017
Workshop #3: August 19-20, 2017

-- Environmental Service Project: You will work with a Foundation for the Enviroment, for the 6 months in Teachers Training. An act of service is a way to learn how to truly give back to Mother Earth. This will be a project you personally create or a project that is already in existence. This will be a great oppurtunity to truly understand how to work with the Earth Ways. 

Teacher training will be held at the beautiful Willow Farm in Hygiene, CO. It is the ideal place to drop deeper into your work and build your relationship with nature. 

Cost: $5,600 + Cost of Accommodations

Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training Application available upon request and must be submitted and approved before enrollment. Non-refundable deposit of $1400 holds your spot. Payment Plan is available for 4 installments of $1,400.
$2,800 Non-Refundable Deposit Due by November 7th (1st & 2nd Installments)
Space is limited. 

To register contact Kate at 303-596-4974 or via email at

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