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Element Chakra Workshop at Ra Yoga Costa Mesa

Element Chakra Workshop at Ra Yoga Costa Mesa

An Element Chakra Yoga Journey : Know the Power of Your Roots to Embody your Deep IntuitionPlease join Kate Mulheron as she guides you on a journey through your chakra system and an empowering yoga practice.

To know and feel the depth of your roots is to unlock your powerful heart and its truth, is then the pathway to your higher sources of understanding a deeper authenticity that is truly you , that can only be felt to be embodied. no amount of reading or studying can unlock this internal wisdom that is there for you to embrace now. To understand the Chakra System that works through your physical, emotional and energetic bodies is to work together with all parts of you to create a "whole" way to understanding your healing path.

Chakra One: Your Roots, Your Right to Be
Chakra Two: Your Gut, Your Right To Feel as You Do
Chakra Three: Your Solar Plexus, Your Right to be fully in Your Power
Chakra Four: Heart Chakra, Your Right be Loved
Chakra Five: Throat Chakra, Your Right Speak a Loving Truth
Chakra Six: Third Eye Center, Your Right To See Clearly
Chakra Seven: Your Channel to the Divine, Your Right to Know

No one gets to take any of these rights from you.. Let's journey and be in our power together!!!!

Great Resource for workshop, Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Cost: Member $40
Non Member $45

Earlier Event: August 18
Later Event: September 25
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