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Earth Ways Yoga: Celebrating Spring with Kate Mulheron

A Special 2-Hour Class with Kate to Celebrate Spring

Please join us in celebration of the elements, the seasons and the emerging of Earth Ways Yoga. We'd love to have you join our community!!

On April 8th, come join us for a special 2-hour class at Kelly Barn celebrating SPRING!!

From the 5-Element Acupuncture Tradition, the shift into spring is working from the element WOOD, "which symbolizes new beginnings, birth, growth, and development. It is the phase in which new lives take form and become something, like a sprout that draws wind, water and light into a coherent stem. Defined in the creation of Water/Winter, Wood emerges from the undivided whole and gives rise to the seperation of individual forms." 

The meridian lines we will explore during our Wood/Spring-inspired yoga practice are the Liver and Galbladder, the Officials which govern planning, decision-making and judgment. When Wood is out of balance, frustration, indecision and anger can arise. May we all find ways to maintain the balance of our wood as it surges in Spring. You have all of these fabulous ideas which were cultivated in your winter's hibernation...which path will you take...there are so many ways in which you can go...which way do you want to go..what seeds do you want to plant...spring time teachings for sure!! So let's come together and balance our system working with meditation through the exploration of nature, yoga and visioning!! 

Over the next few months, we will be offering classes focused on each of the 5 Elements:
Wood/Spring on April 8th
Fire/Summer on April 22nd

***We will be audio recording these classes.***

Both classes will be held from 2-4 pm @ Kelly Barn in N. Boulder. 
$15 for 1 class or $20 for 2. Please RSVP with Kate, Kelly or Caitlin or via the Facebook event.

We might fill up on Saturday so here is a link for tickets if you'd like to get them ahead of time:

If you are paying cash onsite, please reply on the Facebook event so we can save you a spot.