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Healing through the Elements: A Journey with Wood with Rebecca Donovan

  • Tula Hot Yoga Denver 1131 E. 4th Avenue Denver, CO 80318 United States (map)

Come join us for a six week journey as we embody the 5 Elements through Earth Ways Yoga. Through each workshop, you will explore and understand one element in an embodied way. You will be experiencing the Elements, meridians and acupuncture points through your physical, emotional, and energetic systems, incorporating the seasons, emotions, and colors that are part of each element.

Using the 5 elements as a healing modality you will learn to connect to the rhythms and cycles of life and help bring you back into your personal balance and alignment.

This is a 6 part series, we encourage you to experience all 6 workshops at a special pricing. However, you are absolutely welcome to pick and choose which workshops speak to you the most purchasing 3 sessions or doing the workshops as individual drop ins.


Please join Rebecca to journey with the element Wood as it’s felt in the Spring season and embodied in the Gall Bladder and Liver meridian channels. This is the time to bring your ideas into being, planting the seeds of intention that lay the ground work for the year to come. You will work with the energy of new beginnings that invite you to explore your flexibility and creativity.

By deepening your relationship with the element Wood within your body, you will become more rooted in your sense of self which supports your ability to find comfort in the discomfort that accompanies the inevitable changes of life.


Single Session: $30
Any 3 of the 6 Part Series: $75
All 6 Sessions: $126

Please pre-register online or call the studio: 303-777-7550.



1/5/19: An introduction, with Kate Mulheron and Jay Kraemer
1/12/19: A Journey with Water, with Ona Crow
1/19/19: A Journey with Wood, with Rebecca Donovan
1/26/19: A Journey with Fire, with Linda Sajbel
2/2/19: A Journey with Earth, with Jesi Van Deputte
2/9/19: A Journey with Metal, with Audra Prewitt

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