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Yoga, Astrology & Music


In a quest to deepen the evolution of healing and receive the messages of your own soul’s clarity of path and purpose, please join Kate Mulheron, Chris Corl and Jay Kraemer for a three-hour workshop involving yoga, astrology and music.

Where: Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa & Event Center
When: Saturday, September 1 from 2-5pm
Cost: $20

• Astrologer, Chris Corl will begin with a 30-minute deepening circle, as he shares his downloads on the final stage of the Mars retrograde cycle and what this means for you.

• Kate Mulheron, creator of Earth Ways Yoga will then drop into a two-hour moving meditation through yoga, using her system of Earth Ways Yoga. This workshop will focus on Chakra 3, your Solar Plexus—held by the element fire—and what it feels like in your body to unwind any blocks you may have physically, emotionally and spiritually.

• Jay Kraemer, Intuitive Musician, will weave his kaleidoscopic soundscaping through his healing music to drop us into a deep healing space as we end this time together.

No RSVP Required.

To learn more, or to pre-register, please email