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Journey through the Five Elements: An Introduction to Earth Ways Yoga

  • Ra Yoga Costa Mesa 3077 Bristol St, Suite A Costa Mesa, California, 92626 (map)

Join Kate Mulheron as she guides you through a deep and intuitive yoga practice to introduce you to all of the 5 ELEMENTS (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) in your BODY - through the full cycle of the seasons and how all the elements work together to support the balance in MOTHER NATURE and the balance in you and your being!

This journey honors how the 5 Elements live through you to help create balanced health; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will map MERIDIANS—pathways of vital energy that flow to your internal organs—in a deep YOGA practice as we fine-tune our listening skills through breath, sensory system awareness and connection to your whole being and how to work these practices in your life. We all have this physical connection to our bodies, but we often forget how significant our emotional and energetic bodies are on the path of a yogi seeking balance in life. Kate will introduce all 5 Elements, their Meridian Channels and Points that honor and deepen the experience of the imagery they hold. Earth Ways Yoga is the system we use to connect The Chinese 5 Elements Lineage and The Nature Ways.