“I have known Kate for 10 years in many capacities...teacher, mentor, co-worker, and friend. I have worked with her in classes, privates, circles, and retreats. I have never met anyone who is such a gifted healer. Her intuitive nature for healing allows her to help you find those areas you may have been hiding from, seeking out the roots of your dis-ease and allowing you to find your path to healing. She shows up in such a pure way for each person and has taught me so much of what it means to live authentically and walk my true path. I am truly blessed to have her in my world.”

- Marcy Donovan, co-owner Tula Hot Yoga Denver

"In these recent times, man has forsaken the natural jungle for one built of monolithic technology, concrete, and steel. We forget that over the course of thousands of years, our nervous systems were developed in the laboratory of nature, and that anxiety and fear were adaptations that kept us safe from natural predators. As an individual with a nature-based nervous system (that we all have) living these modern times, I find myself sensitive to the hustle and bustle, feel disconnected to my body and the world around me, and get prone to anxiety and panic attacks over arbitrary situations. Kate, and her teachings of Earth Ways Yoga, provide a vessel for my nervous system to return to its natural state of neutrality. Through the seamless combination of Forrest and Hatha based yoga asana, Native Apache nature-based healing techniques, and the science of Chinese 5 Element energy and acupressure meridian channels, Kate has developed a deeply profound healing practice. The class consists of a slow moving and rigorous asana practice that works with the meridian channels of our bodies, breathing exercises, nature based mediations and visualizations, and intuitive insights into how we are affected by the world around us. Each Earth Ways Yoga class grounds my energy in a way that allows me to engage with the world around me while being less sensitive to it. After consistent practice, I’m able to get back in touch with my natural self, and my authentic nature. And since practicing Earth Ways yoga for an extended period of time, I feel like I am truly walking my life path with a proud and authentic heart. It’s safe to say, that Kate and her Earth Ways teachings have changed my life into something I could have never imagined to look and feel this amazing! This practice is much more than yoga; it’s a vessel for an individual to explore what it truly means to be a naturally embodied being. In short, Earth Ways yoga is an essential breath of fresh air for our modern times."

- Morgan Mitchell   


"Yoga has changed me. My second class ever was with Kate one year ago. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. I could not do anything except look around and try to copy everyone in front of me. I am pretty sure that Kate saw me suffering in the back and took it upon her kind soul to offer me private lessons. I had no idea what to expect so I said yes. I was partially paralyzed 12 years ago and had trouble doing anything with my lower body. I couldn’t do yoga before my accident so trying afterwards seemed ridiculous. But Kate encouraged me to continue focusing on my legs and feet where I had lost touch so many years past. My changes were not subtle. I would just be able to do stuff I could not do after spending time with Kate. So I pushed my broken body to its limit and thankfully it responded. I ran for the first time in what felt like forever after one special class. That was pretty cool. It was in a mountain meadow and I felt like Forest Gump. Kate is great. I would not be where I am in life without her."

- Isaac Savitz


"I have been taking multiple weekly private lessons from Kate for a year, so one would expect me to praise her compassion and skill as a yoga teacher, (which is very high level); what one would not expect me to say is that though I have been to many talented chiropractors in my life, Kate, by a margin, has the best innate awareness of chiropractic structure and spinal self adjustment of anyone I have seen."

- Steve Gilburne


"Kate Muheron is an amazing teacher! I have practiced yoga for close to 15 years and in the last year and a half, I have been taking Forrest yoga classes with Kate. This has radically changed my practice, my relationship to my body, and has unblocked pain I have held for years and years. Kate is an intuitive healer and rigorous teacher, always creating a safe space."

- Jeanine M. Canty, PhD, faculty, Naropa University


"Kate is BRILLIANT - whether taking a group class or a private lesson with her. She is an INTUIT - she just knows what is going on in your body. After many months of group classes I had the opportunity to start to working with her privately. My practice has completely change - I now have a much deeper mind, body spirit connection to self. At an emotional level, deep things things surface through my practice with Kate are good things - working one-on-one with her can been better than psychotherapy because of her ability to somatically integrate it back in your body. Kate's "GOLDEN HANDS" - her touch is beyond magical. Anyone who feels that they need an adjustment just really needs to schedule a private lesson with her and have her adjust your body. It will last and hold longer that any visits with a chiropractor. You MUST experience the gifts that Kate can bring to your own life's journey."

- A.S.