"There’s something ineffable in the way that Kate works and teaches. She embodies her practice in a way that I’ve never seen in my 8 years of yoga. Now, I’m a pretty skeptical person but it is undeniable that Kate is tapped into something greater than herself. She brings her spiritual connection into her work with her clients and students in a manner that deeply impacts and transforms them. I would recommend working with or learning from Kate in a heartbeat, she is one of those truly special people."



"It is difficult to put into words exactly what it means to work with Kate, because it is difficult to actually understand. Her classes are challenging but unpretentious, generating a community around the regular time slots. She increases that community on a global spectrum by effortlessly drawing in reverence of the natural world to her themes and delivery of class, making each session far more than a practice of movement.

She allows for imperfection, for giggles and gives abundant space to grow. She has an intuition that always manages to pick up the one nagging possibility you might have been considering, or observes patterns that you might not have been able to define. She holds this skill both with students she has worked with for years and students who come to her class for the first time. Her physical adjustments surpass any bodywork that I have ever gotten, and I get excited each time she walks near me in class because it MIGHT be my turn!!! Truly, she is able to create incredibly physical freedom through intuiting energy stuck in the body. As a professional athlete, I have a strong relationship with and reliance on my body, and by now I would trust Kate to shift anything in it.

A private lesson with her is better than a therapy session and a massage rolled into one. She genuinely SEES you and is present for whatever your struggle might be. She is willing to care for you completely, perhaps more than you are willing to accept. She is completely devoted to her students, yet rather than being filled with obligation, she only exudes passion and joy."

-Mara Abbott, professional cyclist


"Yoga has changed me. My second class ever was with Kate one year ago. It was hard, I’m not going to lie, I could not do anything except look around and try to copy everyone in front of me. I am pretty sure that Kate saw me suffering in the back and took it upon her kind soul to offer me private lessons. I had no idea what to expect so I said yes. I was partially paralyzed 12 years ago and had trouble doing anything with my lower body. I couldn’t do Yoga before my accident so trying afterwards seemed ridiculous. But Kate encouraged me to continue focusing on my legs and feet where I had lost touch so many years past. My changes were not subtle. I would just be able to do stuff I could not do after spending time with Kate. So I pushed my broken body to its limit and thankfully it responded. I ran for the first time in what felt like forever after one special class. That was pretty cool. It was in a mountain meadow and I felt like Forest Gump. Kate is great. I would not be where I am in life without her."

-Isaac Savitz


"I have been taking multiple weekly private lessons from Kate for a year, so one would expect me to praise her compassion and skill as a yoga teacher ,(which is very high level); what one would not expect me to say is that though I have been to many talented chiropractors in my life, Kate,by a margin, has the best innate awareness of chiropractic structure and spinal self adjustment of anyone I have seen."

Steve Gilburne


"Kate Muheron is an amazing teacher! I have practiced yoga for close to 15 years and in the last year and a half, I have been taking Forrest yoga classes with Kate. This has radically changed my practice, my relationship to my body, and has unblocked pain I have held for years and years. Kate is an intuitive healer and rigorous teacher, always creating a safe space."

- Jeanine M. Canty, PhD, faculty, Naropa University


"Kate is BRILLIANT - whether taking a group class or a private lesson with her. She is an INTUIT - she just knows what is going on in your body. After many months of group classes I had the opportunity to start to working with her privately. My practice has completely change - I now have a much deeper mind, body spirit connection to self. At an emotional level, deep things things surface through my practice with Kate are good things - working one-on-one with her can been better than psychotherapy because of her ability to somatically integrate it back in your body. Kate's "GOLDEN HANDS" - her touch is beyond magical. Anyone who feels that they need an adjustment just really needs to schedule a private lesson with her and have her adjust your body. It will last and hold longer that any visits with a chiropractor. You MUST experience the gifts that Kate can bring to your own life's journey."



"I have been practicing Forrest Yoga with Kate as an instructor for about 2 years now. She has helped me through lower back pain. She never gave up on me. With her guidance, my flexibility has improved, my breath has deepened, and my love for Forrest Yoga has grown. A few months ago, I started working with Kate privately, focusing on the emotional body. Lots of "stuff" has surfaced, and with Kate's help, we are moving it. I am immensely fortunate to have crossed paths with this amazing person and her healing hands."

-Jose Castilleja