11:00 am11:00

Building and Cultivating a Relationship with the 7 Directions

  • Hanuman Festival
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.55.17 PM.png

Come join for an HONORING of the 7 DIRECTIONS, East, South, West, North, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the Relations. This 45 minute guided journey will help you build a relationship of aliveness to each direction of DIVINE support to help to have a better understanding of the importance of cycles: Seasonal (Equinox and Solstice), Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, and Daily as a way for your human beingness to find  a more supportive balance in this life as you walk in this body and  on this planet! 

Hanuman Festival
June 10th, 11-11:45am
Location: Gaia Community Tent

For more info: https://hanumanfestival2017.sched.com/event/AZMp?iframe=no

Sep 2

Life in the Sacred in Scotland

Kate teams up with Yogascapes for The Scotland Yoga Retreat

To be asked to lead a journey to retreat to Scotland in co-creation with Yogascapes was one of those moments that I will always remember. To be honest I burst into tears!! I responded to Ben Crosky with an absolute YES from the mountaintops!! I sing a resounding YES, PLEASE!!! The work I do is a way to bridge Mother Nature and the human beingness as a way to cooperate in a peaceful coexistence through ritual, yoga and healing for a greater way of being in this world!! So to then be asked to go to one of the most potent, spiritual and deeply held spaces to embrace reflection, beauty and fairies!!;) YES!! Please join me to work with this engaging and powerful land of Scotland through the land, waters, healing foods, yoga, ritual, soul journeying, and a remembering of your original alignment of walking this Earth!! Yippee!! 

6:00 pm18:00

Earth Ways Circle w/ Kate Mulheron

  • Tula Hot Yoga Denver

Come Join Kate Mulheron as she brings the teachings of Mother Earth and Father Sky together in a powerful 2.5 hour moving and embodying yoga and meditation ritual. In this circle you will work with the teachings, lessons learned and blessings you have received so far from 2017, and reveal a more vibrant way of being going forward. We will practice an honoring of the 7 Directions, work with meditations for chakra clearing, grounding and awareness of the elements in the body, plus a healing and meditative asana sequence. There will be a 30 minute savasana working with your own personal vision quest.

This is a deeply intuitive meditation practice to clear, shield and protect your relationship with your mind, body and essence so we can all live in a more vibrant connective way to our Earth and each other.

Open to all levels of practitioners.

This will be a powerful evening-- come join us!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/268156006978204/

COST: $40
LOCATION: Tula Hot Yoga Denver (1131 E 4th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218)

4:00 pm16:00

Celebrate Earth Day w/ Earth Ways Yoga & Kate Mulheron

  • Kelly Barn

Come join us for a special 3-Hour Earth Ways Yoga class to honor the home we live upon as we bow in deep gratitude, pause in humbleness and community, to thank you, MOTHER EARTH, on this EARTH DAY 2017

As we take this day to frolic like fairies with laughter, joy, and glee, maybe planting trees on Fourmile Canyon, or planting in your garden, picking up trash in the mountains of beauty on your favorite trail...whatever you choose, would you please join us as we wind our day down to a close in circle to deepen into our community Yoga Prayer to Mother Earth! The Element Earth is the center of it all...for all Elements lead back to the center of the Mother...for this Element craves DEEP, connected balance of support, equitable exchange with Universal Beauty and Flow, it craves to be in union with all that is in balance and support of its very foundation. May we practice together to remember that the nurturing abundance of breath is the very act of manifesting fruitful desires and nourishment for our bodies to walk this planet in its wholeness that we were meant to walk! We will begin by honoring the 7 Directions together, work into a guided Nature Soul Journey of Earth, a guidance through the Meridian Lines and Points of the Stomach and Spleen, awaken into our Yoga Quest for the Great Abundance, and end into a deep savasana and meditation. Please join us!!!! 

From the 5-Element Acupuncture Tradition, the Earth Element is associated with Late Summer. This season marks the beginning of the decrease. The time when the fruit falls readily from the trees and everyone has more tomatoes and zucchini than they know what to do with! From this bounty, deep nourishment and peace can reside within, a knowing that we have enough...that we ARE enough. 

So let's gather together in circle while working with meditation through the exploration of nature, yoga and visioning to complete this Earth Day in Unison of Commitment in the name of Mother Earth. 

TIME: 4-7 pm
LOCATION: Kelly Barn in N. Boulder (1360 Sumac Ave, Boulder, CO 80304). 
$15 cash or check at the door. 
If you'd like to pay w/ credit card: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2928919

***We will be audio recording these classes.***

Over the next few months, we will be offering classes focused on each of the 5 Elements. Please join us in celebration of the elements, the seasons and the emerging of Earth Ways Yoga. We'd love to have you join us!!

(Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled before we begin).

3:00 pm15:00

Earth Ways Yoga: Celebrating Spring with Kate Mulheron

A Special 2-Hour Class with Kate to Celebrate Spring

Please join us in celebration of the elements, the seasons and the emerging of Earth Ways Yoga. We'd love to have you join our community!!

On April 8th, come join us for a special 2-hour class at Kelly Barn celebrating SPRING!!

From the 5-Element Acupuncture Tradition, the shift into spring is working from the element WOOD, "which symbolizes new beginnings, birth, growth, and development. It is the phase in which new lives take form and become something, like a sprout that draws wind, water and light into a coherent stem. Defined in the creation of Water/Winter, Wood emerges from the undivided whole and gives rise to the seperation of individual forms." 

The meridian lines we will explore during our Wood/Spring-inspired yoga practice are the Liver and Galbladder, the Officials which govern planning, decision-making and judgment. When Wood is out of balance, frustration, indecision and anger can arise. May we all find ways to maintain the balance of our wood as it surges in Spring. You have all of these fabulous ideas which were cultivated in your winter's hibernation...which path will you take...there are so many ways in which you can go...which way do you want to go..what seeds do you want to plant...spring time teachings for sure!! So let's come together and balance our system working with meditation through the exploration of nature, yoga and visioning!! 

Over the next few months, we will be offering classes focused on each of the 5 Elements:
Wood/Spring on April 8th
Fire/Summer on April 22nd

***We will be audio recording these classes.***

Both classes will be held from 2-4 pm @ Kelly Barn in N. Boulder. 
$15 for 1 class or $20 for 2. Please RSVP with Kate, Kelly or Caitlin or via the Facebook event.

We might fill up on Saturday so here is a link for tickets if you'd like to get them ahead of time: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2916643

If you are paying cash onsite, please reply on the Facebook event so we can save you a spot.

Feb 25

Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training

Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training

Please join Kate Mulheron and her Formal Teacher of the Native Ways, Miss Trudy Welty for a 6-month Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training Journey. 

Influenced by the South West Native Tradition, it is believed that Healing is synonymous with Balance, and Balance is cultivated through building a relationship of alignment and cohesiveness between one's Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. 

This Teacher Training will guide you in your process of living and teaching from this place of a strengthened alignment of your balanced healing ways. 

The focus of the Teacher Training will be two fold. First you will delve deeper into your own personal process and healing. You will cultivate a deeper relationship with all parts of your being and build an understanding of how they relate to one another. In peeling back the layers of your own journey you will connect to the sensitivity of your own sensory system, you will identify and cultivate your gifts and talents in this world, and you will learn a more peaceful and loving way of being and relating. This process will unfold through the connection you make with your deeper self in your Yoga Practice, and in pursuing a more profound connection with the Natural World through experiential exploration. You will also learn Tools and Practices that will help bring you back into Balance and an embodied alignment at your core root level, including energetic grounding, clearing, and shielding techniques to support you on your teaching journey. 

The second focus and unraveling of your layers through this time together, involves stepping into your power and harnessing your authentic voice in teaching and guiding others. In working through your alignment and from the wisdom of your rooted personal process you will strengthen the connection to your voice of truth. What have you learned from who you are, what are your sacred gifts are and how you can rise through these new awakenings through your healing and as teacher? This connection, and the ability to express your truth in power and sincerity, is the single most important tool in teaching and truly living a life of heart based empowerment of ones self and evolvement. 

You will also learn all the necessary practical skills to teach from the Earth Ways and support students in your yoga classes. This training is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) through Yoga Alliance, which is recognized throughout the country and will allow you to teach in most studios upon graduation. There are also options to attain Continuing Education Hours through this training if you’re in the field of Psychotherapy.  


*A Deeper Relationship with Mother Earth and her Kingdoms, Through Your Yoga Practice and the ability to bring the resources of Mother Nature, into your yoga classes with integrity and a knowingness of being in relationship with Her. 
*The ability to be in Relationship with Universal Circle through its teachings of balance, equality and allignment. 
*A strengthing in your Alignment and Balance to your lifeforce and path so you can stand more steadily in your “self” as a Teacher and Healer
*A Connection with your Intrinsic Voice and the importance of understand and emodying your root voice. 
*An Understanding of Meridian Lines, your Internal Organ System and how it functions through a yoga practice as a whole within the Body and its systems.  
*Experience offering Effective Hands on Adjustments. 
*A variety of Native Healing Practices, and to learn the history of its roots in the healing ways , that will be passed on to you for your own healing and to help others benefit as well. 
*An understanding of your Body, on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Level and how to work with others in an ethical,and balanced way for both you and student(s). 
*The Necessary Skills to Build, Teach and Support your Students in your Yoga Class, after classroom time, and how to clear all energies so you both are left in a balnced way. 
*The Ability to Build, Resource and Sustain your Healing Private Practice (i.e. Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage) 

Specific Details:
This is a 6 month training consisting of:

-- 3 One-Week Intensives (Friday Afternoon-Sat Afternoon)

Intensive #1: February 17-25, 2017
Intensive #2: April 28-May 6, 2017
Intensive #3: July 21-29, 2017

-- 3 Two-Day Weekend Workshops, 9am-5pm
Workshop #1: April 1-2, 2017
Workshop #2: June 3-4, 2017
Workshop #3: August 19-20, 2017

-- Environmental Service Project: You will work with a Foundation for the Enviroment, for the 6 months in Teachers Training. An act of service is a way to learn how to truly give back to Mother Earth. This will be a project you personally create or a project that is already in existence. This will be a great oppurtunity to truly understand how to work with the Earth Ways. 

Teacher training will be held at the beautiful Willow Farm in Hygiene, CO. It is the ideal place to drop deeper into your work and build your relationship with nature. 

Cost: $5,600 + Cost of Accommodations

Earth Ways Yoga Teacher Training Application available upon request and must be submitted and approved before enrollment. Non-refundable deposit of $1400 holds your spot. Payment Plan is available for 4 installments of $1,400.
$2,800 Non-Refundable Deposit Due by November 7th (1st & 2nd Installments)
Space is limited. 

To register contact Kate at 303-596-4974 or via email at katemulheronyoga@gmail.com

Check out our Facebook page for more information.


Jan 28

Retreat to Todos Santos!

Join Kate as she teams up with Free People and Yogascapes for a Retreat in Todos Santos, Mexico!


  • 6 Nights Accommodations at Pachamama
  • Daily Yoga with Kate Mulheron
  • A Skin Food Curated Menu & Natural Beauty Workshops
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding
  • Temezcal Ceremony
  • $500 Free People Product
  • Your Own Pair of Teva Sandals


Send any question to:


If you’re looking to revitalize your body and balance your mind, join us in beautiful Baja for a week of adventure via daily yoga, SUP & natural beauty workshops. Experience the benefits of holistic wellness and indulge in rejuvenating treatments available at Pachamama’s spa.

On this journey we’ll explore Todos Santos’ vibrant culture, with an emphasis on savoring regional cuisine prepared by our hand selected chef. Together in community we will nourish our bodies with organic vegetarian meals.

Honoring the region’s distinct culinary traditions, our menu is designed to help you transform your eating habits and navigate internal imbalances. Nutritionist Tara Curran and Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Roy, will bring us Skin Food, a conversation on how to get glowing from the inside out. Together they will provide customized menu plans and holistic skincare regimens, giving you the tools to achieve your best health.

Upon arrival our guests will receive $500 of Free People merchandise + their own pair of Teva sandals to infuse their adventure with style and beauty.

No prior experience is needed for this retreat. Available to all women ages 18 and over.
Check-in is after 3pm on January 22nd and 11am on the 28th.
Transportation is included from Los Cabos International Airport between 12pm-3pm. If you arrive later or are coming from elsewhere we are happy to help set up transportation, however it will not be included.

1:15 pm13:15

Earth Ways Yoga Circle

Earth Ways Yoga Circle

Earth Ways Yoga Circle: Honoring the Abdundance of Fall Equinox!
Come Join Kate Mulheron and Special Guest and Astrologer Christopher Corl, as they bring the teachings of Mother Earth and Father Sky together in a powerful 2.5 -hour moving and emodying yoga and meditation ritual to receive the teachings, lessons learned and blessings of the Fall Equinox time of the great abundances, seeds that you have planted, nourished and now in your great harvest are receiving. Reveal a more vibrant way of being with the Elements and celebrating your connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

We will practice an honoring of the 7 directions, work with meditations for chakra clearing, grounding and awareness of the elements in the body, plus a healing meditative asana sequence.

There will be a 30 minute savasana working with your own personal vison quest, this is a deeply intuitive meditation practice, to clear, shield and protect your relationship with your mind, body and essense, so we can all live in a more vibrant connective way to our earth and each other.

Member: $40
Non Member $45

1:15 pm13:15

Element Chakra Workshop at Ra Yoga Costa Mesa

Element Chakra Workshop at Ra Yoga Costa Mesa

An Element Chakra Yoga Journey : Know the Power of Your Roots to Embody your Deep IntuitionPlease join Kate Mulheron as she guides you on a journey through your chakra system and an empowering yoga practice.

To know and feel the depth of your roots is to unlock your powerful heart and its truth, is then the pathway to your higher sources of understanding a deeper authenticity that is truly you , that can only be felt to be embodied. no amount of reading or studying can unlock this internal wisdom that is there for you to embrace now. To understand the Chakra System that works through your physical, emotional and energetic bodies is to work together with all parts of you to create a "whole" way to understanding your healing path.

Chakra One: Your Roots, Your Right to Be
Chakra Two: Your Gut, Your Right To Feel as You Do
Chakra Three: Your Solar Plexus, Your Right to be fully in Your Power
Chakra Four: Heart Chakra, Your Right be Loved
Chakra Five: Throat Chakra, Your Right Speak a Loving Truth
Chakra Six: Third Eye Center, Your Right To See Clearly
Chakra Seven: Your Channel to the Divine, Your Right to Know

No one gets to take any of these rights from you.. Let's journey and be in our power together!!!!

Great Resource for workshop, Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Cost: Member $40
Non Member $45

Aug 21


Please Join Kate as she leads you on a 4 day guided journey to deepen your intuitive strengthened ways through your connection with Mother Earth. You will practice working with Universal Circle to unlock your inner guidance of your truth speaking and truth seeking. This Retreat, held 3.5 hours from Boulder at the healing Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the beautiful San Luis Valley, will be a sacred time spent focused on your relationship with the natural world through your yoga practice and how that relationship can help you cultivate a deeper understanding of your own unique gifts and talents. 

What to Expect from Retreat:

*Sunrise Honoring of the Directions Ceremony each Morning
* Learning tools on how to work with the Natural World through yoga practice
*Morning and Evening (twice daily) Earth Ways Yoga Practice with Kate
*Deeply Healing waters of the Mineral Hot Springs to Relax and Recharge
*Healing Vibrant Summertime Meals from Chris and Kimba of Nourish
*Evening Sky Teachings about Eclipses with Chris Corl
*Nature Walks in the Deeply Healing San Luis Valley
*Deepening connection with Community
* Optional Private Sessions with Kate (added charge) 
*Option Soul Birthchart Readings with Chris Corl ($50)

Retreat Costs: $450 + accommodations early bird pricing (ends Aug 1st)
$495 +accommodations after Aug 1st

Check out the Facebook event invite for more information

To register contact Kat at katemulheron@gmail.com

1:15 pm13:15


Breaking Free Workshop: Neck, Hips and Shoulders

In this workshop we will focus on using the power of our breath through pranayama and the movement of postures using asana, to unlock areas of our shoulders,hips and neck to find greater freedom and movement in these spaces that can carry such great compression and tension. You will start to learn that the physical pain you hold in these spaces also store emotional blockages that YOU have the power to clear. You will be given tools to work with to find openings in these areas using the power of focused breath attention to the pelvis and shoulders to access an awareness physically in your body so you may learn how to heal yourself using this practice of yoga. Learning to work with proper alignment, building strength physically in your body and to create clarity in mind so you can walk tall in this world with a confidence and strength of the path you were meant to walk.  Kate is so excited to be offering this workshop at the New RA Yoga Studio in Newport Beach, CA. 

$40.00 Member
$45.00 Non-Member
Pre Register Required: http://tinyurl.com/jae3tl3

Check out the Facebook event page for more information 



May 15

A Retreat for the Sensitive Self: Using Yoga and the Native Ways

Kate Mulheron and Trudy Welty

Moffat, CO

Yoga and the Native Ways

Please Join Kate and Trudy as they take you on a journey deep within yourself and through your inherent connection with our dear Mother Earth.  This Retreat will be a sacred time spent focused on your relationship with the natural world and how that relationship can help you and your sensitive self thrive. By Sensitives, we mean Empaths, Healers, Light Workers, or people who feel deeply what is happening around them, on an emotional, mental, psychic,or essence level.   Throughout the weekend you will learn to build a relationship of acceptance with your sensitivities along with learning how to work your unique gifts and talents more conscious in your world to help you in achieving greater balance and ease with in your daily life. 

What do Expect from Retreat:

*Learning a Variety of Native Tools that will help you walk in a  more Mindful and Balanced Way.
* Learning how to work with the Natural World through Deeply Transformative Meditations.
*Daily 2 hour Earth Ways Yoga Practice with Kate
*Sunrise Honoring of the Directions Ceremony with Miss Trudy
*Mineral Hot Springs to Relax and Recharge
*Healing Vegetarian Meals
*Nature Walks in the Deeply Healing San Luis Valley  

Cost: $700 plus Cost of Accommodations
Joyful Journey Hot Springs offers a variety of accommodations including Yurts, Hotels, Tipis and Camping.
Please reserve your spot today with Kat
(708)743-5213 or by email at katemulheronyoga@gmail.com 


Visit of Facebook invite for more information 

4:00 pm16:00


The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, new beginnings of life and growth blooming gloriously and ushering in a renewed sense of energy brought in to help you focus and move forward in new, fresh and vibrant ways. 

Join Kate as she leads a celebration with community, to honor this very sacred day. The ceremony we will include Honoring the 7 Directions, Earth Ways Yoga Practice and a guided Vision Quest .  There will be space to revisit intentions planted at Winter Solstice as we ask for clarity on actions needed to bring these intentions to fruition in this creative energy of Spring Equinox. We will then move into a self reflective yoga practice guided by deep healing vibrations of a musician to be announced. We will finish with a vision quest that will allow you space to journey deep within yourself through a guided meditation. 

cost: $35

Visit our Facebook Page for more information 

Mar 20

Yoga and Astrology Spring Equinox Retreat with Kate Mulheron and Adam Sommer

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat Colorado

  Join Kate Mulheron and her dear friend Adam Sommer, as they guide you on a 4 day Spring Equinox Retreat at the deeply healing Joyful Journey Hot Springs, in Moffat Colorado.  Adam will be offering group Teachings of Father Sky along with private Birth Chart Readings while Kate will be guiding you deeper into your beautiful bodies and into Relationship with Mother Earth through her 2 hour daily Yoga Practices, Private Soul Clearing Sessions and daily Morning Honoring of the Directions Meditations.  Kate and Adam are deeply honored to guide you through a healing 4 day journey with the Sacred Waters at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in celebrating your commitment to walking your Souls Path.

This retreat will include:
*Sunrise Honoring of the Directions Meditation with Kate
*Daily 2 Hour Earth Ways Yoga Session with Kate
*30 min Private North Node Birth Chart Reading with Adam
*40 min Individual Soul Clearing Session with Kate
*Evening Sky Teachings with Adam
*Nourishing Healing Meals by Kim Homer and Chris Corel
*Magical Healing Waters to Soak in at your leisure
*Gatherings around Fire and releasing ceremony
*Sky Gazing and Soul Shifting in preparation for Spring Equinox

Cost: $550 + lodging (varies based on choice of stay)

$300 deposit + 1/2 accommodations cost due at booking

Visit our Facebook Page for more information

4:00 pm16:00

Soul Journey To Self Love Workshop with Kate Mulheron


Join Kate Mulheron as she leads a Practice of SELF LOVE this Valentines Day Sunday, February 14th from 4-7 pm. We as a community will journey into the art of love, of Universal Love, that we all have the ability and potential to be with. Sometimes it's the journey to fully comprehend what LOVE truly is (hint, its not prince charming finding the shoe that fits:)), and the act of self love, our greatest and most challenging discovery on our souls path. Why is it that time and time again we get knocked around of a self destructive kind of love when all along the royalty of LOVE has been with you, in you, apart of you, all along?

We will invite the 7 Directions to guide us as we vision within using yoga, meditation, visualization and a sealing of this process as we commit to being in rememberance of what love can truly be. Please join us as we celebrate the truest act of love, our souls path!

Cost: $35

Sign up with Rosie: RosieK77@gmail.com or (248)701-0301

Visit our Facebook Page for more information  

Dec 22


Embracing the Darkness, ReBirthing the Light -
Celebrating your Whole Self Using the Art of Yoga & Astrology 

The Sun, the Moon, the Planets, Your Spirit all are a great Weaving of this Rhythm between Darkness and Light. Come Gather together for 3 days on Beautiful Land in the comforts of Villa Ojai in Ojai, Ca during this Sacred time of Darkness. Kate Mulheron offers her deep gift of tapping into Soul through Yoga and the Native Ways- 7 Direction Morning meditation, movement, asana, breathwork, prayer, and her intuitive healing. Alejandra Salvado will tune into your Birth Soul Chart through Atlantean Astrology to clear and align you with your Core Soul Essence. Our time together is a held, Sacred space in the loving Arms of Beloved Community to deepen Yourself and Who You Are guided by your Heart, to live a Beautiful, Creative, Radiant Life!! This will provide an excellent opportunity for you to get clear on your vision for for the new potent powerful year ahead. 

Cost $900

Visit our Facebook Invite for more information 

Sep 7



Have you been craving time immersed in nature? Are you seeking a deeper connection to your inner wilderness? Do you have emotions, patterns or beliefs that are unhelpful or blocking you from living fully? You are invited to join an inspired group of women who are all answering YES! to these questions. Join us September 4-7th for an incredible 4-day, 3-night adventure in the stunning Indian Peaks Wilderness.

* 4 days/3 nights connecting with the land, yourself, and fellow journeyers
* Nourishing food for the duration of the trip
* Group Acupuncture sessions w/ Kelly Kessen, L.Ac.
* Group Hypnotherapy sessions w/ Danni Sullivan, CHt
* Sacred Circle work honoring the 7 directions, Elemental Meditation and Yoga w/ Kate Mulheron
* Individual and Group Process support w/ Kathleen Sullivan, Assisting Therapist

It may be your intention to create a deeper connection with the natural world and with yourself. You may use this trip to process fears, nurture creativity, grieve losses, develop clarity, cultivate abundance, access your authentic self, build community, or simply create a memorable experience in nature.
Many of us are being called to shift attitudes or behaviors and connect deeper with Mother Earth. Allow your new tribe, and the magnificent land, to support your healing work.

cost $425

Visit our Facebook Invite for more details.

2:00 pm14:00

Working With the Natural Ways in Your Yoga Practice


Using the Sacred Circle, together we will honor the 7 directions: East, South, West, North, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the Relations. I will then guide you into a yoga sequence honoring the elements within your practice, as you explore how to connect the natural world to your body, mind, and essence as a way to deepen your healing process. We will end with an Elemental Vision Quest to deepen your connection to soul. Join this beautiful community as we awaken our connection to the divine with deep honor, conscious breath, elemental yoga, gratitude and reverence for our natural world. 

Space is limited

Cost is $40

Visit our Facebook Invite for more information

Jul 5

Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass

  • Snowmass, CO
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.04.12 AM.png

Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass is a 4-day celebration of mindful living.

Your experience may start on your mat, on a mountain trail, or on the dance floor, but Wanderlust will get into your mind, body and soul. It may start in your ears, whether from the inspirational words of a speaker or the pulse-pounding beats of a musical artist. It may begin in your eyes, as you drink in the surrounding natural beauty or learn to align a challenging pose. It may start in your heart, as you make new friends or experience the joy of trying something you’ve never dared to do.

Regardless of what starts you on your path, Wanderlust is an experience that will leave you different than when you came — with new ideas, new friends, newly discovered abilities, and greater peace. Find your true north.

Kate's Wanderlust Schedule

Jun 28

Soul Radiance Retreat


A 3-Day Summer Solstice Retreat 

Honoring & celebrating your True Creative Essence
Using the Art of Yoga and your own Personal Astrology Soul Chart

JUNE 25 - 28, 2015 | Villa Ojai, CA

Our time together will be richly steeped in Soul Nourishing Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Tools & Practices for daily Self-Love and Self-honoring through yoga, ceremony, indigenous earth spirituality, and tuning into the Stars with your Astrology Birth Chart. Our time together is a held, sacred space in the Loving Arms of a Beloved Community to offer healing for deepening Yourself and activating your Journey as Who You Are, guided by your Heart, to live a Beautiful Creative, Radiant life!

Full Price: $800 | Early Bird Price: $750 (before 6/1)  
For more information & registration find us on facebook

Apr 19

A Retreat for the Sensitive Self: Healing with Yoga and the Native Ways

  • Avalanche Ranch Cabins + Hot Springs

A Retreat for the Sensitive Self: Healing with Yoga and the Native Ways

Come honor your acute awareness of thought, feeling, seeing and knowing, your Sensitive self.

Kate Mulheron and Miss Trudy Welty will be co-hosting a deeply healing weekend retreat at the beautiful Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs in Carbondale CO this April. This three day retreat will be filled with beautiful offerings that will help you relax, retreat, connect with nature and the community of people we love so much. The retreat will also provide you with tools to help you live more balanced in your lives. Things to look forward to include a session on working with your DREAMS led by Miss Trudy, deeply transformative 2 HOUR HEALING YOGA SESSION with our beloved Kate and SUN RISE CEREMONY HONORING THE DIRECTIONS led by Miss Trudy. NATURE WALKS and NOURISHING COMMUNITY DINNERS will bring everyone together each night and each person will have access to soaking in the hot springs at your leisure. 

"From Native Wisdom The "Sensitives" were the healers seers, and those that could hold wisdom in order to guide the clan. This is time for you to honor nature and allow nature to share with you. Learn tools to support you living in the world with more flow and ease. The Sensitive Self was meant to help us survive and stay in balance, However, when it is over taxed it collapses. 

Our time together will help bring the brillance and fullness of breathe and body back into harmony. The practices you will learn will help maintain your well being while you re-enter your everyday life.

Submerge your self in the crispness of the Mountain Air and the Calmness of the healing waters. Allow the Natural world through conscious respectful engagement to Restore your Body, Mind and Essence Harmony.

Cost: $550 - includes two lunches (you will be responsible for breakfast), two dinners and your stay.  We rented two larger cabins on the property that both have full working kitchens. If you prefer to stay alone there is an option for you to rent your own cabin which would lower your cost of the retreat by $100, so it would be $450. There are many cabins still available but we do expect them to book up quickly so if are going to rent your own we suggest reserving it soon.

We are requesting a $200 deposit to hold your space. Please contact Kathleen Sullivan at 708-743-5213 to reserve your spot & arrange the deposit. 

*Please note that this is a sober event. To honor the space, community and ceremonies we are asking that attendees abstain from alcohol and drugs three days prior to retreat and throughout the duration of the retreat.

6:00 pm18:00

Spring Equinox Celebration

  • Kelly Barn

Spring Equinox Celebration

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, new beginnings of life and growth blooming gloriously and ushering in a renewed sense of energy brought in to help you focus and move forward in new, fresh, positive ways.  

Join us as we Celebrate this very sacred day with our very special community. During the ceremony we will HONOR the 7 Directions. With each direction there will be space revisit intentions planted at Winter Solstice as we ask for clarity on action needed to bring these intentions to fruition in this creative energy of Spring Equinox. We will then move into a self reflective yoga practice guided by deep healing vibrations of Miss Psyche and her amazing Cello. We will finish with a vision quest that will allow you space to journey deep within yourself through a guided meditation.  

Please expect to be in ceremony for three hours. Bring a journal, yoga mat, a blanket/ pillows should you desire it for savasana. We will also share food following ceremony so please bring a light snack if you feel so inclined. I strongly suggest you do some reflecting beforehand and bring any seeds of intention you wish to plant for this Spring Equinox. This community, this practice and this sacred circle are so meaningful to me and I feel so grateful I get to share this grounding and sacred experience with all of you. I really hope you can join us.

Space is limited, we are capping it at 30 people. The cost is $35 if you pay before March 19th and $40 day of.

Registration info on the Facebook Event Page