Life in the Sacred in Scotland

Kate teams up with Yogascapes for The Scotland Yoga Retreat

To be asked to lead a journey to retreat to Scotland in co-creation with Yogascapes was one of those moments that I will always remember. To be honest I burst into tears!! I responded to Ben Crosky with an absolute YES from the mountaintops!! I sing a resounding YES, PLEASE!!! The work I do is a way to bridge Mother Nature and the human beingness as a way to cooperate in a peaceful coexistence through ritual, yoga and healing for a greater way of being in this world!! So to then be asked to go to one of the most potent, spiritual and deeply held spaces to embrace reflection, beauty and fairies!!;) YES!! Please join me to work with this engaging and powerful land of Scotland through the land, waters, healing foods, yoga, ritual, soul journeying, and a remembering of your original alignment of walking this Earth!! Yippee!!